Barks, then we ride…

Today I want to write about VUCA environment: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and the ambiguity. No doubt this concept are parts or our professional and personal life on a daily basis.

We are living in the network society where changes are constant, and people must practice the lifelong learning to adapt rapidly to the new context and be able to work in anywhere. But people must have the transversal skills that empower them to face the VUCA challenges with success.

But how I try to face the changes, to face the VUCA scenario in my job, in my company and so on? To be honest I need dedicate a big effort. Working many hours every day and to have a strong mentality. I think that people must have to a host of the values and new abilities nowadays, namely:

– Self-confident.

– Resilience ability

– A good and clear strategy.

– Deep knowledge of your profession: being an expert.

– Update and assess continuously our knowledge and skill.

– Have a personal good balance.

– Collaborate and teamwork.

– Commitment.

– Creativity.

– Get to work on a challenging and exciting project.

And enjoy life, love other people, being healthy, …. being alive definitely.

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